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I enjoy their wins as much as my own. Becoming a mom magically shifted my orientation from me-me-me to my child and others around me. Survival of the species stuff, I suspect. I became infinitely more patient. No new parent can get through the day without patience for crankiness, crying, neediness, tantrums. Before baby, impossible to imagine coping with, but after baby, taken in stride. Okay, taken in stride-ish.

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At work, this newfound, deeper-than-ever well of patience was not just virtuous; it meant better coping skills. Janet says one of the biggest benefits of parenthood for her was that it put work in perspective. If it was possible to take the job too seriously, she did. After her son, Devin, arrived, she stopped wanting to cry after every lost battle; she found her tendency to overreact and wear the hair shirt in response to failure evaporated. A little bit of distance gave her clarity.

The detachment sharpened her judgment. And more than that, I wish this reality were accepted as common knowledge. Agility means possessing strong self-awareness, emotional intelligence, flexibility, conflict management, listening and communications skills. It also means being acutely aware of how others process and respond to our own actions and behaviors.

Many women say that motherhood took their time management capabilities—a foundational skill for any leader—to a whole new level. There are fewer hours in the day for work, so every hour really counts.

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Kara Goodrich took the baby plunge; her daughter is now in her teens. He was very supportive in working out a situation that allowed her to continue to deliver fantastic work but also gave her the flexibility she needed to do the job of mom. She loves her work more than ever, and some days, she feels the sting of hitting her head on her self-imposed ceiling.

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Darling, You Can't Do Both

I know it. Not everyone is going to like us. We are never going to please everyone. To all the women who would rather be sure, my pitch is go for it.

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It weighs you down. On my To-Do list! On page….

Nope, I am going to stop now. You will find even more helpful insight from Kestin and Vonk as you read this book cover to cover, given in a humorous and, at times, in-your-face approach. I like what they said on the back cover:. I think most of us have been there or may even be in this place now. What if there was another book to help you with the issues we women have to deal with daily?


Go to your favorite bookstore and buy it or download it onto your Nook, Kindle or iPad. Like I said, I wish I had this book years ago. More from Alda Stephens I have always loved to read, learn, and discuss with others what You may also like.